My Teacher Is A Monster

Brown, P. (2014). My teacher is a monster (A. Ling, Ed.). New York, NY: Hachette Book Group.

Every child has a teacher who is eventually demonized and made into a monster.  And every teacher has a student who drives him or her insane.  It’s the classic misunderstanding in educational culture. This story enlightens both student and teacher about the power of communication and bonds. The relationship between Bobby and Mrs. Kirby is portrayed by how Bobby sees his teacher.  Author and illustrator Peter Brown gives us a peek into Bobby’s perspective with the shapes he uses when he draws the setting, children, and especially Ms. Kirby, who is a monster indeed. By creating a story about having a good experience with a monstrous teacher, and having her morph from a monster to a normal person through communicating and bonding, Brown opens up a new concept for children – and teachers.