It's A Book

Smith, L. (2010). It's a book. New York, NY: Roaring Book Press.

Growing up in the twenty-first century can be technologically overwhelming as a kid.  It’s often difficult for even adults to appreciate the feeling of a solid, hard back, the crisp pages, and the scent of paper.  It’s A Book brings it home for children and adults.  In this diatribe between what technology can do and how a book doesn’t do any of it, Lane Smith brings the simple characters alive through the use of lines in her illustrations.  The Jackass constantly inquired about a book’s technological capabilities and the Monkey appeases his inquiries. The latter’s frustration is evident through the use of lines in the illustrations in the subtleties of facial expression and body composition. This important theme of appreciating the simplicity of books and where a book can take you is an important thing for little ones to know.

Parents, this is a great book to introduce to your child if you want to encourage them to read.  Use the story’s characters and the important lesson they’re teaching to foster a love of books.

This story is also important in the classroom to inspire debates among young readers. It can be used to lay the foundation for integral parts of persuasive speaking.

Here's a book trailer to help peek your interest...