Mirror Mirror

Singer, M. & Masse, J. (2010). Mirror Mirror: a book of reverso poems. New York, NY: Dutton Children's Books.
Mirror Mirror combines the talent of poetry with reading it with a twist. Singer and Masse work together as author and illustrator to convey both sides of famous fairy tales with poetry... read in reverse! The artwork visually stimulates the reader's interest by telling a story of its own.  It's a great way to visualize and truly appreciate both sides of every conflict in the poems.  In addition, Singer's clever way of writing these poems so that you can read them "from down up" engages the older reader and entertains even adults! 

Parents, you can use this to discuss points-of-view with your child.  Awaken their inquisitive side by posing questions about character development, character motivations, and character traits. No question is too simple or insignificant.  You can also expand and explore how these poems compare to the fairy tales themselves.  It's definitely a work of visual art and a word-works masterpiece. 

Teachers, use this in class! Singer uses famous fairytales, but students can take any story or create their own.  After they compose the tales, they can use poetic devices to create poems from the protagonist and antagonist points of view.  The trick is... well, you'll see.  Pick up the book and take on the challenge!