The Three Pigs

Wiesner, D. (2001). The three pigs. New York, NY: Clarion Books.
If you’ve ever read the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs, you will completely “flip your lid” when you feast your eyes on this creative rendition of the tale.  David Weisner takes the characters and provides an interesting twist to what would happen if the little pigs, or if any character in any tale, had the power to just get up and leave the story. Yes! You heard correctly. And Weisner does it all through texture. The pigs feel different when they’re out of their element. It will completely revolutionize your initial impression of the classic and its memorable characters.

Parents, this is an opportunity for you to explore how art and technique can help a young reader know when the pigs are in their original story or outside of it.  You can also ask your child to describe how the change in where the story takes place, or setting, can influence a story.

Teachers, use this story to discuss point-of-view and what happens when the roles are reversed. Encourage the students to act out their favorite scene. This is truly an enjoyable read.