This Is Not My Hat

Klassen, J. (2013). This is no my hat. Somerset, MA: Candlewick Press.

It seems like the oldest no-no in history – taking someone, or something, else’s things.  This is the premise of This Is Not My Hat.  Created for the youngest of readers, this story simply, but carefully, follows a little fish after he’s taken something that doesn’t belong to him and to learning a valuable lesson in life. Author and illustrator Jon Klassen uses color to delicately create an ominous feeling about what is to befall the little creature due to his actions. The fish’s story ends with the truth exposing itself. Life’s truths, or themes, are sometimes difficult for children to grasp, but this story makes it so simple to do.

Teachers, this simple story can be used to teach what life lessons are.  It may be the first time a child can become familiar with the word “theme”.

Parents, this is a great tool to reinforce what happens when children do the wrong thing.  This story is sure to make a child think about his or her actions, regardless if someone is watching or not.