A Crooked Kind Of Perfect

 Urban, L. (2007). A crooked kind of perfect. Orlando, FL: Harcourt. 

This story is about Zoe.  She's going to play the piano someday, but she doesn't realize that it isn't the piano she's been fantasizing about since she was born.  Her father, who's afraid to go outside, will get her an organ.  And with this organ, she will find out that you don't have to be perfect to be awesome.  This story unfolds the many layers of an imperfect family, but it also praises what a young girl can do in the midst of that adversity.  She pushes the envelope and becomes perfect in her newly modified dream. In her pursuit of this dream, she shows others how to get out of their comfort zones and enjoy life a little more.

There are many things that make us different and keep us from obtaining the things we think make us happy.  This storyline presents a teachable moment in learning to take our lives for what they are and be grateful for them.  Teachers can focus on developing character traits through character analysis in this story. Perhaps taking a flaw or a misfortune and learning to embrace that thing will enable the students to build character. Parents can also use this in a similar manner at home.