It's So Amazing

Harris, R., & Emberley, M. (1999). It's so amazing!: a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press.

This may be the answer to every parent's nightmare.  How do you tell your child about how a baby is born? About the birds and the bees? Oh the dreaded talk! Well, fear no more. It's So Amazing is the answer to your prayers.  Harris and Emberley work together to include factual information on this sensitive subject for younger readers.  There are graphics in this book that some parents would be hesitant for their children to see; however, the way the information is displayed makes it more child-friendly.  Harris personifies a bird and a bee and they travel from pane to pane explaining the events from conception to birth and beyond in this book.  It really is amazing.

Teachers may need to get clearance if using this book for health purposes or to explain the different family dynamics that have now integrated into society.  Parents will need to read this book before it's shared with their children.  Regardless of these disclaimers, the information provided in this book is necessary for kids know and understand. I encourage you to be brave and check out your copy today!