Giovanni, N., & Collier, B. (2005). Rosa. New York, NY: Henry Holt.

Rosa is a rendition of what activist Rosa Parks went through in her famous stance against that bus driver so many years ago.  Giovanni's style along with Collier's masterful artwork brings this story to light for young readers.  Although it may be for the slightly older reader, this book can convey the same ideas through the vivid illustrations and the style in which Giovanni describes these events. Not only does he include the iconic scene in the bus, but he also follows Rosa Parks through to her time in prison, the bus strikes, and the court trials. It's a well-rounded story of these actual events.

In the classroom, this can be used a precursor to a social studies lesson on the civil rights movement or powerful women leaders.

At home, parents can use this story to focus on how prejudice and discrimination can hurt and worry those around you as well as the victim and his or her family.  It's a story that can encourage tolerance and awareness.