Lord, C. (2006). Rules. New York, NY: Scholastic Press.

Catherine has an autistic brother named David.  In order to help him assimilate into the world as naturally as possible, she creates rules for her brother.  Unbeknownst to her, it isn't David who needs the rules; it may just be her and the rest of the society.  Catherine learns through her brother David, and her blossoming friendship with a boy named Jason, that being different isn't bad or wrong.  Catherine learns that appearances aren't everything, and that people who seem like they're one thing, don't always deliver.

Teachers can use this book to expose students to the opposite idea as Out of My Mind. Instead of analyzing the plot, characters, and theme from the point of view of the disabled character, teachers can analyze what is happening in the world from the opposing side.  In addition, both of these books can be used to juxtapose events and their effects on the characters.

Parents can also use these novels in a similar fashion, but in a more intimate setting.  Parents can also explore these perspectives to enhance personal growth for children as well as children.