Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

 Pastis, S. (2013). Timmy Failure: Mistakes were made. London: Walker.

This hilarious book, which reminds younger readers of Diary of A Wimpy Kid and their parents of Inspector Gadget, follows Timmy Failure and his quest to rid the world of unsolved mysteries with is sidekick Total.  It’s a story full of action and hilarity.  What's really ailing Timmy is that his real life is changing.  His mother is trying to make ends meet, starts dating again, and Timmy is suffering in school because of how involved he is in his alternate reality. Timmy Failure Mistakes Were Made is part of a series that beckons for a read.  The plot engages, the characters are memorable, and the incorporation of opportune sketches enhances the author's style of storytelling.  This is definitely a great read for young and old.

Students can create their own "graphic-style stories and model after this one.  This is an excellent group project or individual journal project as well.  Teachers can introduce the idea of changing Timmy's actions at a particular point in the story and creating different events.

Parents can also use this novel for reading for enjoying, talk about the effects of being untruthful or consequences for not focusing in school.  It can be a cautionary tale or a preventative one.