Gabi A Girl In Pieces

Quintero I. (2014) Gabi: a girl in pieces. El Paso, TX: Cinco Puntos Press.

Quintero opens a teenage girl's world through the eyes of Gabi - a girl who's in the middle of American and Mexican, of skinny and fat, and of boys and academics. The book is arranged as Gabi's diary and describes her relationship with her friends and the dynamic she shares with her family.  As she shares high school experiences, we see how she begins to disclose her fears, her dreams, and her ideals for her world.  Quintero also incorporates poetry as an outlet for Gabi, which enriches the text in a poetic sense.

Gabi defies cultural clich├ęs and stigmas.  As a first generation American citizen, I found comfort, and even justification, through Quintero's exploration of the Mexican-American culture in America. Gabi's view of the world allowed me to create connections to my fears as a woman, how I saw the world as a teenager, and even as I see it now. This is a book for a more mature audience and is recommended for high school students and older.

This YouTube book trailer is created by George Aiello and is an example of what students can create after reading this book.

Requirement: Gabi A Girl In Pieces by Isabel Quintero
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