Anya's Ghost

Brosgol, V. (2011). Anya's ghost. New York, NY: Roaring Books Press.

Anya is a girl who's trying to find comfort in her own skin.  Being Russian and having a crush on a guy who's already taken is not exactly Anya's cup o' tea.  She could really use a true friend.  One day, as Anya is walking home, she falls into an old well in the middle of the woods.  There, she meets a ghost who seems to be the friend she's been looking for.  The ghost makes it out of well with Anya and helps her cheat on tests, find out about the guy she likes, and gets her invited to a party.  She's perfect for Anya. However, the more Anya finds out about her, the more Anya realizes that her new friend had her own agenda.  After she discovers that her ghost wants to live the life she lost by using Anya and that she is a murderer, Anya returns her crazy, ghost friend to the well she found her. Anya also makes peace with her life as it is.

Anya's Ghost includes topics that relate to self-esteem as a girl and as an immigrant.  Anya confronts what her life was like as a student learning English as a second language.  She also deals with the fact that her dream beau is definitely not the guy she thought he was.  This empowers her to be happy with who she is.  Even though she doesn't have everything she wants, she knows life could be much worse. 

Anya's Ghost is Brosgol's first novel. 
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Requirement: Great Graphic Novels For Teens
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