Telgemeier, R. (2012). Drama. New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc.

Callie is a seventh grader in love with stage design and has a crush on Greg. But after Greg doesn't share the same feelings, she decides to occupy her time executing the best set design for the school play, Moon Over Mississippi. She continues to work in the midst of school friend drama.  While she tries to get over Greg, brothers Justin and Jesse walk into her life. Justin tries out for the lead in the play and gets a secondary part.  He also confesses to Callie that he is gay. Callie is there for him and continues to work hard on the set. She sets her eyes on Justin's brother Jessie. On the last showing, the leading lady refuses to perform because the leading man broke up with her, and it's Jesse who dresses up and sings the lady's part to save the show.  Callie is thrilled to be stage director next year and to have great friends.

Drama includes conflicts that plague any teenager.  This graphic novel is a great way to introduce topics related to identity, self-esteem, self-doubt, and sexual orientation.  Callie also displays a strong demeanor and sense of self despite all the teenage drama that surrounds her. Telgemeier's choice to organize the story as a play is also very clever.  She opens the story with an overture, divides it by acts, and closes it with a closing curtain.

Raina Telgemeier is the author of Smile, a New York Times Bestseller. Smile is a memoir. She also wrote Sisters, which is also inspired by her life and is a companion to Smile.

Her most recent work is Ghosts.  This is the story of Catrina, who moves with her family to Bahía de la Luna for her sister Maya's sake. (Her sister is sick.)  Then a neighbor tells them that there are ghosts who reunite with their loved ones at a certain time of the year. What! 

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