Everthing Everything

Alloy Entertainment & Yoon, N. (2015). Everything, everything. New York, NY: Delacorte Press.

Madeline Whittier suffers from SCID, which means she doesn't have an immune system and is susceptible to any illness.  As a result, her mother, who's a doctor, has kept her indoors and in a sterilized life.  Maddy has a nurse who cares for her during the day.  When Olly and his family move next door, he ends up communicating with Maddy.  She initially doesn't want to talk to him, but he gets her to communicate through emails and chat. Olly and Maddie form a friendship and ultimately see each other despite keeping their friendship from her mother. Maddie's nurse, Carla, gives Maddie permission to see Olly as well.  When Olly's father is violent with him and his mother in their front yard, Maddie rushes out to intervene - and her mother sees her. Maddie's mom forbids her to see and communicate with Olly, but Maddie decides that she wants to live despite her disease.  She and Olly travel to Hawaii and have fun, but Maddie gets sick and she goes to the hospital where a doctor has to revive her.  This brings all of Maddie and Olly's plans to a grinding halt.  Months pass and Maddie discovers that she doesn't have SCID.  Her mother said she did to cope with the loss of her husband.  Maddie then decides to travel to New York, to leave her mother, nurse, and home behind, and meets Olly.

This book is about love and pursuing it at all costs, like The Little Prince states.  However, I couldn't help thinking about Maddy's mom and how she cared so much for her daughter.  It's unfortunate that she didn't know how to care for her daughter and cope with loss.

Film Connections:
I couldn't help to think about John Travolta in The Boy In the Plastic Bubble (whose character also falls in love with his neighbor) and the more comedic Bubble Boy created around the same premise - a person shielded from the world due to a disease.  A person who breaks through the fear of dying for the sake of living and falling in love.

Everything, Everything is schedule to release as a motion picture in May 2017.

Requirement: New York Times Best Seller (2015-2016)
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